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UK’s inexcusable actions at the UN

January 14, 2015

Palestine has officially requested membership of the International Criminal Court, paving the way for the investigation of war crimes committed by Israel.

The move followed an unsuccessful attempt by the Palestinians to set a deadline to end the occupation at the UN Security Council last week.

The move was dismissed after it failed to gain the required number of votes in favour, with eight countries voting for the resolution, two against and four abstaining.

Both the US and Australia voted against and the UK, which recently passed a symbolic vote supporting Palestinian statehood, abstained.

Friends of Al Aqsa asks why there is such a big disparity between the UK’s inexcusable actions at the UN, and the will of the British parliament and public in recognising a Palestinian state free from occupation.

With elections just a few months away, it is important that politicians are reminded of their obligation to match their words with action. In light of the UK’s abstention, MPs must pressure the government to explain why it continues to hinder the Palestinian cause at every juncture.

The way politicians deal with the Palestinian issue will be an important factor for many people in deciding which candidate they want elected. Many are signing up to FOA’s Palestine Election Pledge, where they can declare their intention to vote for candidates who call for an end to occupation and for ending attacks on Al Aqsa.

Britain has a duty to uphold international law and not provide diplomatic obstacles to the freedom aspirations of the Palestinian people. Any sanctions against the Palestinians for pursuing ICC membership or failure to condemn the US for threatening sanctions, is clearly unacceptable.

Friends of Al-Aqsa


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