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Norwegian Doctor Banned from Entering Gaza Speaks of Israeli Horrors

December 25, 2014

Norwegian Doctor Banned from Entering Gaza Speaks of Israeli Horrors

Norwegian Doctor Banned from Entering Gaza Speaks of Israeli Horrors

In a tactical move to stifle free speech and prevent the world from knowing what is really happening in Gaza, Israel recently banned a Norwegian medical doctor who spent 15 years in Gaza treating people from returning there.

Dr Mads Gilbert has provided key medical help in Gaza’s hospitals during several Israeli bombings of the Gaza Strip over the last few years.

Dubbed a security threat, the Israeli authorities denied Gilbert access into the Gaza Strip when Operation Protective Edge began over the summer. He has now been permanently banned from visiting the besieged area.

Speaking to Al Jazeera he shed light on why he has been banned. He said the “truth” behind why he is dubbed a security risk is because “as a white medical doctor with blue eyes and white hair” he is able to “tell the real story of the realities in the sharp end of the Israeli attacks.”

“The Palestinians change from being terrorists to being humans, the numbers change from being numbers to being people, and the children appear as yours and my children,” he said, adding that this is why his writings pose a danger to the Israeli narrative.

Outsiders, he said, “are not getting the narrative of people, at one point several million people. They don’t really realise that these are people that have been incarcerated for seven years—that the average age is 17.6 years, that a child ghetto of 1.2 million children and young people are being denied the right to escape the bombs, to fly, because they cannot get out.”

Gilbert, an outspoken critic of Israel, has often used his position in Gaza to confront the Israeli narrative. “What people don’t get is that it is Israel that is attacking Gaza and Gaza and the Palestinian people are exercising their right to resist,” he said. “There were 2,100 killed and 521 of them were children under the age of 18. So that’s what people don’t get in this mist of propaganda from Israel. The narrative of Israel is saturating the media, so we have to tell the other story because good people all over the world will not accept this,” he said.

He also highlighted how the world is focusing on extreme religious fanaticism, but fails to recognise state terror. “ I have children myself, I have grandchildren, and you don’t want to see this in the world today. Now everybody is talking about Boko Haram and ISIL beheading people. I saw beheaded children in Gaza, I have pictures. I don’t show them because they are simply too inhumane, but nobody is accusing Israel of a massacre of children. It is always directed to somebody else who is called under the general term of terrorists,” he said.

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