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Israel violates Gaza ceasefire nearly every day

December 25, 2014

Israel violates Gaza ceasefire nearly every day

Israel violates Gaza ceasefire nearly every day

After Israeli warplanes bombed Gaza on Friday, the BBC described the air strike on “a Hamas facility” as “the first such action since the declaration of a truce in August.”

The short BBC News item, essentially a repackaged Israeli army press statement, added that the strike was “in response” to a rocket fired earlier from Gaza.

The casual reader would understand this to mean that Israel has held its fire since the August ceasefire which ended the intensive bombing this summer that claimed more than 2,200 Palestinian lives.

However, the reality is that Israel has fired on Palestinians in Gaza nearly every daysince the 26 August truce.

Meanwhile, Israel and Egypt have kept Gaza totally sealed and its 1.8 million inhabitants effectively imprisoned.

Ceasefire violations

One of the main Palestinian conditions for a ceasefire was the lifting of the years-long siege that has all but obliterated Gaza’s economy, and which has had a deleterious impact on nearly all aspects of life there.

During the 51 days of Israeli bombing this summer, the unanimous cry from Gaza was not just for the ending of the genocidal violence. A return to the status quo of slow suffocation under siege and complete impunity for Israel’s constant violations of Palestinian rights was not tenable. Gaza’s staggering sacrifice — more than one in every thousand of its residents killed — required the fulfillment of basic rights.

“A ceasefire is not enough,” wrote the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights’ Raji Sourani during the height of Israel’s violence.

Source: Electronic Intifada


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