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FOA brings Al-Aqsa to the heart of Parliament

December 25, 2014

FOA brings Al-Aqsa to the heart of Parliament

FOA brings Al-Aqsa to the heart of Parliament

Friends of Al-Aqsa hosted a packed meeting at Westminster on Monday, addressing the urgency of tackling recent Israeli threats against the Aqsa sanctuary in Jerusalem. The event was attended by both Conservative and Labour MPs including Marcus Jones, David Jones, and Andy Slaughter.

FOA Chair Ismail Patel spoke about the enormous significance of Al-Aqsa within Palestinian and Islamic history, highlighting Israel’s frequent transgressions against the rights of Palestinians, including the freedom to worship without harassment.

“Palestinians are no longer seen as humans, but as targets,” he said.

MP Marcus Jones said there was “no balance” in the way Israel has responded to recent events, while his Conservative colleague, David Jones, said the issue of Al Aqsa was not “an easy one.” Labour MP Andy Slaughter stated that the threat Al Aqsa faced was unprecedented in its history.

The meeting came, as FOA launched a ‘Palestine Election Pledge’, in which its supporters state that they would be more likely to vote for candidates who opposed the occupation of Palestine and the siege on Gaza, as well as those who call for the protection of Al-Aqsa.

Friends of Al-Aqsa


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