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Coca-Cola responds to #NotInMyFridge campaign with misinformation

December 25, 2014

What is that Coke doing in your fridge?

What is that Coke doing in your fridge?

Why Coca-Cola is #NotInMyFridge…

Coca-Cola has partnered with the America Israel Business Connector (CONNEX) to promote Israeli start-up companies globally – using the ‘Bridge’ project. This defies the boycott call, and does the opposite by encouraging trade with Israel.

Coca-Cola violates international law and supports Israel’s occupation by owning companies which operate in Atarot and Shadmot illegal settlements.

The Central Bottling Company (Coca-Cola Israel), an Israeli company that manufactures and distributes Coca-Cola in Israel, has subsidiaries in the illegal settlements of Katzrin (in the Syrian Golan Heights) and Shadmot Mechola (in the Besan Valley, northeastern tip of the West Bank). The company also owns Tara, whose subsidiary, Meshek Zuriel Dairy, has a dairy farm in the occupied section of the Jordan Valley.

Coca-Cola owns Tabor Winery in the stolen and occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Tabor’s web site shows utter disregard for the real ownership of the land, instead falsely claiming that it is Israeli.

Buying produce from companies that operate in settlements means we, as consumers are complicit in Israel’s illegal actions.

Coca-Cola has responded to FOA’s letter by saying they have no production facilities in any disputed territories in Israel and that it operates in Palestine as well. This is our response:

  • FOA makes no mention of disputed territories in Israel. FOA does mention that Coca Cola owns the Tara Dairies company (and therefore its subsidiaries) which are located within the ILLEGAL ISRAELI SETTLEMENTS of Shadmot Mechola and Atarot located in the PALESTINIAN WEST BANK.
  • Coca-Cola also owns the Tabor Winery in the occupied Syrian Golan heights.
  • Coca-Cola and Israel claim these lands which it illegally occupies are ‘disputed’, but the rule of law says they are clearly stolen land.
  • Coca-Cola is promoting its investment in the Gaza Strip but in reality it is importing Coca-Cola from Israel due to the siege.
  • Coca Cola’s arguments that it provides Palestinians with labour are no justification for its overwhelming support of the state of Israel by promoting Israel globally through the bridge project and operating in illegal settlements.
  • The Palestinian franchisee – The National Beverages Company (NBC) is denied access to East Jerusalem, which therefore constitutes a captive market for the Israeli distributor.

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