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The Crocodile Tears of Norman Finkelstein

July 2, 2012


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  1. Chris Mansel permalink

    That is just sooo true, these jews use the holocaust card alot in order to justify theyre crimes against the palestinians, and the world is waking up to that fact, and will not stand for it anymore, Israel is treating the palestinians just like Hitler treated them in the world war, obviously they havnt learnt the lessons from the history, instead they persecute the palestinians, and daily commit crimes against humanity, and use the Holocaust card to justify it, when anyone questions them.


  2. simon permalink

    Wow that was a fake cry, crocadile tears indeed


  3. braaaap permalink

    What annoys me a lot is Israel started this current round of violence by killing a 12 year kid last week palestinians defended themselves from this agression from the israelis. Our goverment in UK can see right through this they know israel is wrong in killing over 80 palestinians in the last 2 days, which included women and children. Our goverments cant turn a blind eye to this. Its soooo wrong what these israelis terrorists are doing to the palestinians.


  4. sami permalink

    Totally agree with you chris, every israeli needs to go back to library and study the books from history of the world wars, and i hope they can learn some lessons from it, surely these israelis must see what they doing to these palestinian people is wrong! There some good israelis in there they need to be heard. Its the right wing goverment thats causing all this bloodshed to the innocent palestinians


  5. naz786 permalink

    Go Norman Well done fantastic! Couldnt have out it better myself.


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