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The Crimes of Ariel Sharon

July 2, 2012

Wednesday, April 4. 2007
Prime Minister

Ariel Sharon has a 50 year long history of brutality and oppression against the Arab and Palestinian people, but despite this, he was voted in as the Prime Minister of Israel on 6 February 2001.

The Crimes of Ariel Sharon

Born: 1928.
Age 20 The bloody birth of Israel, 1948
Sharon fought in the Israeli war of self determination where 300,000 Palestinians were forced from their homes, and many killed in acts of genocide by the Jewish forces.

Age 25 – Qibya, 1953
Ariel Sharon started out his career in 1953 as the founder and leader of an elite commando squad called Unit 101. During October of that year, he led an operation which was responsible for a massacre in the West Bank town of Qibya. Unit 101 entered this town in the dead of the night and wreaked havoc, destroying and demolishing houses, and murdering 69 Palestinian civilians, 35 of whom were women and children. The New York Post at the time compared it to the Nazi massacre at Lidice .
This was condemned world-wide and particularly by the United Nations and United States State Department. Even the government of Israel itself distanced itself by denying knowledge of Ariel Sharons activities.
The ferocity of the attack was such that when the UN observers arrived at the scene only hours after Unit 101 departed, they were met by scenes of bullet-riddled bodies near the doorways and multiple bullet hits on the doors of the demolished houses which indicated that the inhabitants had been forced to remain inside until their homes were blown up over them.
Sharon claimed that he and his men were unaware that people were in their houses and that the residents were therefore to blame for their own deaths which resulted from them hiding in “cellars and attics”. Where else would people be in the middle of the night except in their homes, and what else would people do but try to hide from such blood thirsty attackers? In any event, Jordanian pathologists reported that most of the deaths were caused by bullet wounds suggesting that the residents were deliberately targeted with gun fire.

Age 28 Suez Canal, 1956
During the disastrous British and French led invasion of the Suez Canal, Sharon continued with his war crimes and led special units who murdered 273 unarmed Egyptian prisoners of war and captured Sudanese workers. Following the executions, the bodies were dumped in mass graves without it coming to the worlds attention for 40 years.
Ayre Biro, a retired Army general admitted in 1995 that the killings had taken place, and described 3 separate incidents of mass killings. One of those incidents involved 56 Egyptian soldiers in a single truck upon which the Israelis opened fire, killing all of the soldiers. Biro stated that Blood was coming out of every hole in the flatbed truck and in huge quantities.”

Age 36- 41
Despite all his crimes, in 1964, Sharon was appointed as the head of the IDFs Northern Command. In 1966, he was in charge of the Army Training Department. In 1969, he was appointed the commander of the IDFs Southern Command.

Age 43 Destruction in the Gaza Strip, 1971
As head of the IDFs Southern Command, Sharon lead masses of troops in to the Gaza strip and destroyed and demolished approximately 2,000 homes, once again uprooting 16,000 Palestinians from their homes. Hundreds of the young Palestinian men were arrested and deported form their homeland to Jordan and Lebanon. A further 600 relatives of Palestinian activist were sent into exile as punishment.

Age 49 Minister of Agriculture, 1977
Sharon was appointed Minister of Agriculture and began a massive expansion of Jewish agricultural settlements throughout the West Bank and Gaza. These settlements to this day are obstructing every peace effort that is made. Between 1977-81, more than 25,000 new Settlers moved into the occupied territories, taking away yet more precious Palestinian land.

Age 52 Sabra and Shatilla, 1982
Sharons bloodiest crime took place in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in Lebanon. Israel wished to destroy the PLO and force Lebanon to acquiesce to Israel and so they invaded Lebanon on 1981. This war cost 20,000 Palestinian lives.
From 6pm September 16 1982 until 8am September 18 1982, the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps were invaded by Phalange Militia, a group that had very close ties with Israel. Sharon and his troops had full control over the camps and the parameters and ensured that the camps were surrounded so that no one could escape. They had full view of the grotesque murders and carnage that occurred in the 62 hours during which the Militia occupied the camps. The victims had no arms with which to fight and no way to escape. No one was spared. Civilians were lined up against walls and shot. Women and girls were raped then murdered. Men were disembowelled then murdered. Some victims were mutilated before or after they were killed.

In total, 2,750 Palestinians were murdered.

Age 62 69
Sharon continued his political career, opposing all efforts by both the Israeli and Palestinian leaders for a peace settlement which would involve the dismantling of settlements in the Occupied Territories. In 1997, Sharon issued new orders to the heirs of Unit 101. If Arafat declared a unilateral Palestinian state in the territory of the West Bank and Gaza under Palestinian Authority control, the settlers should join in the drive to annex all of Judea and Samaria. At the time, Sharon was Minister of National Infrastructure, a super-ministerial post that had been created for him by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During 1996-99, Sharon was Minister of National Infrastructure and aided the increase of the settlers population in the occupied territories, until it soared to more than 200,000.

Age 72 The Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000
Israeli settlers in the occupied territories increased by 2000%.
On 28 September 2000, Sharon visited Al-Aqsa mosque flagged by 1,000 troops. The UN Human Rights Commission condemned the visit to the holy site as a grave violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people. It was intended to be a show of might and a demonstration of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.
This lead to clashes between the Palestinians attempting to protect Al-Aqsa and the Israeli troops. This was the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada which has claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 Palestinians and nearly 900 Israelis in its first 3 years.

Age 75 Prime Minister of Israel, 2001

Age 76 Jenin, 2002
During April 2002, under the government of Sharon, Israeli forces launched an assault on all the residents of the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank. For days, they fired shells from tanks and missiles from apache helicopters into the densely populated camp. Simultaneously, Israeli snipers assassinated targeted Palestinians one by one. When the army retreated, they left behind them approximately 600 dead Palestinians.
The exact number may never be known, because the Israelis made every effort to cover up their tracks. Using giant armoured 60-ton bulldozers, they tore down every house in the huge central area of the camp where most of the murders took place, burying some people alive, along with most of the corpses of those who were already dead.
Also under Sharons government, dozens of assassinations have taken place. The ‘assassination’ of Sheikh Salah Shehadeh of Hamas took not only his life but the lives of a dozen sleeping children as well. Sharon described that operation as one of Israels “biggest success.”

Age 77
Sharon is still in power and continues to defy more and more international human rights laws in his treatment of Palestinians, amounting to masses of war crimes. Despite this history, George W Bush called him a ‘man of peace’. The same man who made a career out of perpetrating atrocities that appalled the world for over half a century. Now the USA even encouraging Sharon to continue his acts in the name of security.
It is only the people of Israel that can end his career of violence and murder to an end and bring the region one step closer to peace.


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