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Scholars of Gulf countries urge Muslims to break Israeli siege on Gaza

July 2, 2012

Friday, December 5. 2008
MANAMA, (PIC)– The association of Sharia scholars of Gulf countries appealed to all Muslims in the world to assume their religious responsibilities toward breaking the siege on the besieged Gaza people, urging them to spend their money in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Dr. Ajeel Al-Nashmi, the head of the association, underlined that the Muslims would be religiously accountable for not answering the appeals and cries of children, orphans, widows and every drop of blood shed by the Israeli criminals.

He charged that the Zionist occupiers assaulted the dignity of the Palestinian people, killed their youth, elderly people, children and women without mercy and spread destruction in their lands.

Dr. Nashmi called on Muslims not to leave their brothers and sisters in Gaza die slowly as a result of the unjust Israeli siege which deprived them of food, water, medicines, electricity and all basic needs of life and to support Gaza financially to alleviate some of its people’s suffering.

He also appealed to the neighboring countries of Gaza to assume their historic and religious responsibilities and open the borders and crossings in order to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza people and make Israel know that the Muslims in Gaza and Palestine have supporters and allies.


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