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Russian intelligence: USA participating in Israeli war on Gaza

July 2, 2012

Wednesday, December 31. 2008
MOSCOW, (PIC)– American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea are assisting the Israeli occupation forces in the military campaign on Gaza Strip, a well informed source in the Russian intelligence said on Wednesday.

The source explained that the American aircraft carriers were extending information and logistical support to the IOF air force in its savage raids on the Strip.

The source, who requested anonymity, said that the White House had endorsed a proposal by senior staffers to offer a batch of advanced weaponry to the IOF on condition that the deal would not be disclosed at present due to the current sensitive conditions in the USA such as transfer of power and the economic crisis.

The source also revealed that the American defense department, the Pentagon, had advised the IOF to surprise the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and launch an attack from Egyptian lands.

The proposal also stipulated dividing the Strip into three sectors in a bid to reduce the expected IOF losses to the minimum, the source elaborated.

Senior American officers had toured the Egyptian-Palestinian borders shortly before the IOF massive air offensive on the Strip.

The American administration, which has only three weeks left before leaving the White House, had supported the IOF bloody aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip that left about 400 killed and almost 2000 wounded since Saturday, claiming that Israel was defending itself.


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