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Quarter of a million Muslims participate in ‘Leilat Al-Qadr’ prayers in Al-Aqsa

July 2, 2012

Thursday, October 19. 2006

Jerusalem – Ma’an – Muslims around the world celebrated ‘Leilat Al-Qadr’ on Wednesday night. In Jerusalem, over a quarter of a million Muslim Palestinians congregated in the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Al-Haram Ash-Sharif compound to pray and worship on this night, that is considered by Muslims more holy than a thousand months.

Crowds of Muslims were seen converging on the Al Aqsa/Dome of the Rock compound, which is considered the third holiest Muslim site in the world after Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, from early on Wednesday afternoon. The Al Aqsa charitable society said in a statement that the esplanade and even the surrounding streets were full of Muslims praying and celebrating this special night. Large numbers of young Palestinian men and women were also seen taking part in the celebratory worship, suggesting that large numbers of Palestinians from the West Bank were able to enter the holy city of Jerusalem despite the preventative barriers and checkpoints erected around the city.

More than 250,000 Muslims from different Palestinian towns, villages and cities travelled to Al Aqsa to pray in the holy mosque and ask God to liberate the mosque and release the prisoners.

The Al Aqsa society said that the prayers began at 21:30 and the ‘Tahajjud’ prayers were at 02:00 Thursday.

Israeli police and border guards were stationed around the holy city, and even in the mosque area, since the early hours of Wednesday, ready to confront any emergency or riots.


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