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PHR and PCAT files a petition against Shin Bet interrogators for abusing a young Palestinian detainee

July 2, 2012

Sunday, June 10. 2007

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCAT) filed a petition to the Tel Aviv Administrative Court on Wednesday and demanding an urgent court decision to allow their physicians to visit an under-age Palestinian detainees imprisoned at the Sharon Israeli prison.

Palestinian detainee tortured – Arhcive photo

The young detainee stated that he was severely tortured and that the interrogators put out cigarettes in his body.

The appealing groups stated that torture practiced by Israel against the Palestinian detainees is unethical and illegal, while the Shin Bet responded by stating that the interrogators use these methods to “thwart terror attacks”.

Meanwhile, the PHR stated that it was granted a permission to send a doctor to visit the detainee after an official query which was made by the Israeli Ynetnews.

The boy in question is 17-year old and was kidnapped by the Israeli forces in early March, he told his attorney that he was tortured and abused while he was in custody and during interrogation at the Kishon Israeli detention facility.

He said that he was handcuffed and blindfolded before he was put in a military jeep, and that the soldiers were throwing him around in the vehicle.

He was forced to stand under the rain for two hours and was later on moved to Salem detention facility for several hours before he was transferred to Kishon for interrogation.

At the Kishon interrogation facility, the youth was confined to solitary for one week and was interrogated each day from dusk to dawn while his hands and legs were chained.

He said that during the interrogation, one officer threw a cup of coffee in his face when he failed to give him any information.

The interrogators also put cigarettes in his hands as we was tied and chained, and then they beat him repeatedly.

The attorney of the young detainee verified that burn marks are clearly noticed on his body.

The family of the young detainee contacted the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel and reported the abuse, the PCAT contacted the PHR and asked them to examine the youth.

The prison authorities kept stalling the request to examine the youth, said Anat Litwin, PHR representative for the case, and eventually the request was denied.

On May 31, the Ynetnews reported, the PHR and the PCAT petitioned the court to order to the prison service to allow the physicians to visit the detained youth; but the court did not respond yet.

Litwin stated that as time passes, signed of abuse will fade, and it will be harder to affirm the allegations of torture.

The Doctor was allowed to visit the youth after interference from the Ynetnews, but the prison authorities granted a request to allow a physician to examine the youth but denied a request that the doctor should be accompanied by a lawyer with a camera, and stated that this issue is to be approved and carried out in a separate visit.


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