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Palestine olive harvest film to be shown on TV

July 2, 2012

Wednesday, July 16. 2008

A Bristol-based activist film-maker expressed his delight after learning that a leading Muslim channel will be broadcasting his second film which documents the experiences of volunteers to the olive harvest in Palestine.

Ed Hill’s film ‘Return to Palestine’, which documents a three-week trip by a group of UK peace activists to help with the olive harvest in autumn 2006, will be aired by Islam Channel.

Organised by Zaytoun, the ethical cooperative that imports Palestinian olive oil into the UK, the film captures life in a small rural town in the West Bank.

The documentary witnesses the pressure of “ethnic-cleansing by the Israeli Occupation” and “shows the encircling security fences and road-gates, and the wonton theft of agricultural land”.

The film also captures the social dislocation and effects of unemployment and lack of health-care caused by the building of what has been described by many as the ‘Apartheid Wall’ throughout the West Bank, including the cities of Bethlehem & Jerusalem.

The film has already won praise in the Palestinian magazine ‘This Week in Palestine’ with renowned writer Sam Bahour describing it as a “genuine”, “systematic”, and “informative” film.

Mr Hill, who is currently working on a third film, said he was “delighted” that his films were reaching a wider audience.

“The general public are concerned about what is happening in Palestine, but are confused by the main-stream coverage. I hope my films, shown through the eyes of ordinary people, will help show the reality of what is happening there. I’m proud that because of my films being seen locally, a large number of Bristol people volunteered for the olive harvest trip last autumn. This is a trend I’d like to see continued throughout the UK, and indeed throughout the world.”

Arfan Ali, programme manager of the Islam Channel – available on Sky Channel 813 or via the web at – said one of the reasons it was chosen was because it was “brilliant”.

Return to Palestine will be shown at 9.30 on Sunday 3 August.


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