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Palestine: Israeli settlers fire missiles at southern Nablus villages

July 2, 2012

Sunday, July 27. 2008

By Amin Abu Wardeh

Nablus, (PNN): Israelis launched missiles from settlements built on Palestinian land in southern Nablus on Friday. Israeli settlements are in violation of international law.

In Awarta, a town in southeast Nablus, Israeli projectiles landed only a few meters from locals’ homes. Abdul Salam Awad, an Awarta resident, said this was the first attack of its kind against the village.

“People were surprised when they discovered that the strange objects falling from the sky were missiles launched from Israeli settlements,” Awad said. “The missiles have created terror in the hearts of Palestinians living in Nablus. They fear what would happen if the missiles exploded after landing only 30 meters from some homes.”

This is not the first time Israeli settlers have launched missiles towards villages in Nablus. Earlier this month, Burin and Asira villages were the victims of such attacks.

According to civil defense representatives in Burin, Israelis from Yitzhar settlement shot rockets toward the village several times this month. Israeli forces have done nothing to prevent the attacks, arguing that the settlers have a right to defend themselves.

Israelis have also targeted Burin, killing and injuring innocent Palestinians. Israeli forces have also burned Palestinian crops and livestock and prevented Burin farmers from reaching their lands.

Nablus Governor Jamal Al Muhaisen reported that settlers fired three projectiles towards Burin. He explained that the settlers attacked again two weeks ago and the Israeli army did nothing to prevent missiles from being launched toward Palestinian villages.Muhaisen said the aim of the settlers was to “destroy more Palestinian property in the region.”

Attorney Hamad Al Betawi said, “Recent attacks by settlers against Palestinian villages prove that the Israeli forces aim to displace farmers from their land in order to make the land a hotbed for large-scale settlement building.”

Betawi stressed the importance of supporting Palestinians who have lost their land to Israeli settlers. He said Palestinians should be justly compensated for all damages and losses.

Nablus has been the target of daily Israeli attacks against NGOs, government buildings, refugee camps, hospitals, shopping centers and Palestinian homes this month.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, 74 of 80 arrests in the West Bank this week occurred in Nablus.


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