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Lloyds TSB Pressurised To Close Interpal’s Bank Accounts

July 2, 2012

Monday, November 17. 2008
One of Britian’s largest banks, Lloyds TSB has, under mass pressure from the Zionist lobby, ordered the closure of charity Interpal’s bank accounts.

This is not the first time.

Interpal, a highly reputable charity which provides aid to the Palestinians living under a brutal occupation has previously had its accounts frozen by NatWest, after a smear campaign was run aginst it via the conduit of the charities commission.

After many erroneous smears against the good work done by Interpal, not one single charge has been upheld by the charities commission.

Interpal, is highly successful in the charity work it undertakes and thus is always under the watchful eye of the powerful and ruthless Zionist machine.

Killing innocent children, depriving villages of water, shooting pregnant women, bulldozing homes. These are just a few of the things the Israeli forces are doing at present to the Palestinian population.

You would think that was bad enough.

As they continue to torture the Palestinians, organisations like Interpal are constantly thriving to bring them relief through campaigning and aid.

The closure of Interpals bank account is a clear attempt by the well oiled Zionist machine to stop any assistance reaching the Palestinians. This is their attempt to allow the persecution to continue by obstructing the transfer of funds to those who need it most.

The last time Interpals bank accounts were frozen, Friends of Al-Aqsa ran an immediate campaign to resolve the issue.

Once again, we are leading on this issue and will be providing you with the latest and most up to date news on the matter as well as things you can do to help. Don’t forget to follow through our action alert, Let Lloyds TSB know exactly what you think of their cowardly behaviour.


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