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Live Broadcast with Ismail Patel? – Gaza in the Eyes of Western Media

July 2, 2012

How biased or fair was the coverage of western media of the recent attacks on Gaza?

Is it better than before? Are there more media outlets rising to provide alternative angles?

How effective is Western media in shaping the public opinion about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict?

Live Broadcast with Ismail Patel?
Thursday, Jan 1, 2009
15:00 GMT/18:00 Makkah time

Ismail Patel is the chairman and founding member of the Friends of Al-Aqsa. His other roles include: Spokesperson for the British Muslim Initiative; Senior Advisor to the Conflicts Forum, (which seeks to establish a new understanding of political Islam in the West and has a membership group spanning diplomats, academics and journalists); Director of IslamExpo; and member of the Special Advisory Board of Clear Conscience.

A graduate of the University of Manchester, he regularly contributes to discussions, debates and conferences nationally and internationally addressing peace in Palestine and other issues affecting Muslims in the UK and internationally.

He is also a regular commentator in the print and broadcast media. He has also written several books, including: Islam the Choice of Thinking Women, Madina to Jerusalem: Encounters with the Byzantine Empire, Palestine Beginner’s Guide and Virtues of Jerusalem: An Islamic Perspective. He is also the editor of bi-annual referenced journal Al-Aqsa.


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