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Let Khaled Study

July 2, 2012

Sunday, October 28. 2007
Let Khaled Study

Please find below an update from Israeli human rights organisation Gisha, refuting claims by Israel that Khaled al-Mudallal, University of Bradford student trapped in Gaza, is free to leave.

Plus PSC Student Conference:

Khaled will be speaking, via live link-up if not in person, at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Student Conference –

‘Defend Palestinian Human Rights – End Israel’s Illegal Occupation’
London School of Economics
Saturday 3rd November, 11.30am – 6pm

‘Israeli human rights organisation Gisha, refutes claims made by Israeli embassy that Palestinian student Khaled Al-Mudallal ‘chose’ not to leave Gaza’

Israeli human rights organization Gisha has refuted claims made by the Israeli embassy in London that University of Bradford student Khaled Al-Mudallal has ‘chose’ not to leave Gaza.

The embassy’s claims, made in a letter written to the National Union of Students (NUS) which has been supporting Khaled in his efforts to return to study in England, included that Khaled has the option of leaving Gaza via the Nitzana crossing but has chosen not to do so.

Gisha, who have taken legal action on Khaled’s behalf in the Israeli courts, have highlighted that Khaled Al-Mudallal has in fact made every effort to be allowed to leave via the Nitzana crossing an option it describes as ‘purely theoretical’. According to the group, while a shuttle service did allow a small number of Gaza residents to leave in August and early September, it has not operated since September 6th. Only 550 people out of a current waiting list of 6400 have been allowed to leave in the last eight weeks a rate which would see Khaled, currently 4845 on the list, having to wait 502 days before being allowed to return.

Gisha say that 640 students with visas and places to study abroad are among those currently unable to leave Gaza due to restrictions on freedom of movement imposed by Israel.

NUS Black Students’ Officer Ruqayyah Collector said: ‘ It is deeply worrying, that far from trying to help Khaled return to Bradford to continue his education as they have claimed, the Israeli embassy has instead chosen to misrepresent the situation in this way. The restrictions on freedom of movement imposed by Israel should be lifted immediately to allow Khaled and the hundreds of other students trapped in Gaza to return to their studies. ‘

What you can do:

Contact the Israeli embassy calling on Israel to allow Khaled and all other students to leave Gaza immediately to continue with their courses.


Fax: 02079579555

Telephone: 02079579500

Lobby your MP to sign EDM 2099 in support of Khaled’s right to study in Britain

Sign the online petition here.

For more information visit

Or email

Friends of Al Aqsa is a voluntary organisation concerned with the defence of
Al Aqsa Haram Sharif and the protection of Palestinian Human Rights.
P.O. Box 5127, Leicester. LE2 0WU. England.
Tel 077 11 823 524
Fax ++ 44 [116] 253 7575


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