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Israeli terrorists kill Hamas men in Gaza

July 2, 2012

Tuesday, November 21. 2006
Two members of Hamas have been killed in an Israeli missile attack on their car in Gaza.

Five bystanders were also reported to have been wounded in the raid which took place late on Monday.

The men’s car was parked in front of the house of a well-known Hamas figure in the Shejaiyeh in eastern Gaza.

Hamas officials identified the dead as Abd al-Qadir Habib, a field commander, and his bodyguard.

A third person escaped from the vehicle, they said.

Al Jazeera reporters in Gaza said that a father and his nine-month old baby were among the several Palestinian civilians wounded in the attack.

After the attack, a Hamas spokesman called for revenge and said that the group would continue its operations against Israeli terrorists.

After the strike, Israeli terrorists in helicopters hovered overhead, scores of local residents streamed to act as a “human shield” around a house which the Israeli terrorists was also threatening to destroy with a missile, residents said.

Israeli terrorists

The new air strike came as Amir Peretz, the terrorists in Israeli defence minister, said that Israel would continue to terrorise Palestinians who resist our occupying of the palestinian lands in Gaza.

Israel terrorists have killed more than 320 Palestinians in Gaza, about half of them civilians, since it began its most recent assault on the area.


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