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Israeli settlers torch Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil

July 2, 2012

Friday, December 5. 2008
AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Fanatic Israeli settlers have escalated Thursday their aggressions on peaceful Palestinian citizens in Al-Khalil city, and torched their homes under the eyes of the Israeli occupation soldiers, Palestinian sources confirmed.

At least forty Palestinian citizens were injured, five of them in a critical condition, and a number of Palestinian homes in the southern zone of the city were set ablaze at the hands of the Jewish extremists, according to the sources.

PIC correspondent in the city quoted local Palestinian sources as confirming that hundreds of Zionist settlers swept the area under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, while PA security forces that were deployed in the city a couple of weeks ago to arrest Palestinian fighters and Hamas’s supporters have disappeared from the city’s streets, and left their people under the mercy of the settlers.

However, fierce clashes were reported between the unarmed Palestinian families, including Al-Ja’abari, Al-Sa’afeen, and Al-Ragabi families among other prominent families in the area, who were defending their homes on the one hand, and the fully armed Israeli settlers trying to forcibly seize those homes on the other hand amidst clear indifference on the part of the occupation army.

Ambulance vehicles were dispatched to transport the wounded citizens but IOF troops deployed in the area refused to allow them into the clashes zone, local residents in the city underlined, adding that shopping centers and mosques in the Wadi Al-Tuffah area, which is located in areas under the full control of the PA security forces under Mahmoud Abbas, were also vandalized at the hands of the settlers.

None of the PA security forces were seen in the area despite their intensive deployment in the city a couple of weeks ago in order to arrest Palestinian resistance activists and cadres of Hamas Movement. Local residents condemned such “treacherous” behavior on the part of the PA security forces and Fatah faction in the West Bank.

Two weeks ago, Sameeh Al-Saifi, the commander of the PA police in Al-Khalil governorate, was quoted as saying on TV that his forces have strict orders not to block the Israeli settlers’ attacks on Palestinian civilians in the city.

Moreover, the settlers sealed off roads connecting the city’s suburbs as well as main roads linking the city with Nablus and Ramallah cities after hundreds of additional Israeli settlers settling in neighboring West Bank cities flocked into Al-Khalil to support their mischievous comrades.

The Gaza-based Aqsa TV broadcasted live scenes of Palestinian homes set ablaze after Israeli settlers hurled gas bombs at them after storming and ransacking those homes.

Popular anger over the attacks mounted in the city as local residents blamed the PA security forces for not carrying out their national duties in protecting the Palestinian people.

“We are exposed to a joint attack from the settlers and the IOF troops, and the PA security forces under the command of Ramallah” said a mother of a martyr from al-Khalil in an interview with the Aqsa TV.

The city’s residents also poured their wrath against the Fatah-controlled Palestine TV for broadcasting a program on the Palestinian soccer while the famous city was being torched by Israeli settlers.


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