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Israeli settlers steal video camera from international volunteer

July 2, 2012

Monday, April 2. 2007

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM):

Around 17:30, six Israeli settler children surrounded two international human rights workers. The settlers began to physically assault the two women, kicking them and one of their video cameras.

One female settler adult was also present, and did nothing to prevent the children from harassing the HRWs.

One of the settlers then stole the video camera from one of the HRWs and the settlers ran into the direction of the Tel Rumeida settlement.
The HRWs confronted a group of soldiers with what had just happened and they set off in the direction of the settlers.

Four additional HRWs arrived at the scene. The soldiers began told them that the area was a closed military zone and that the HRWs had to leave. The HRWs remained, however, when the army soldiers could not produce the legal documents.

After 20 minutes, the Israeli police from Kiryat Arba showed up. They surveyed the scene but did not go further to search for the settlers who had stolen the camera. The two HRWs who were attacked by the settlers then went to Kiryat Arba police station to file a police report. The officer promised that afterward, with additional police backup, they would seek out the settler thieves.


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