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Human rights center appeals for release of 40 lawmakers in Israeli jails

July 2, 2012

Tuesday, November 11. 2008

The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners on Sunday appealed to all organizations concerned with human rights to intervene to get 40 Palestinian lawmakers released from Israeli jails, noting that the policy of kidnapping democratically-elected lawmakers represents a crime against international law and human rights conventions.

In a statement received by the PIC, the center stressed the need to employ a strong deterrent against Israel to prevent it from pursuing this barbaric policy against the parliamentary rights of Palestinian lawmakers who have been detained for more than two years.

The center also pointed out that many of the kidnapped lawmakers especially PLC speaker Aziz Dweik suffer from chronic diseases and are in dire need for urgent medical treatment.

It called on international humanitarian institutions to visit the lawmakers in Israeli jails and prepare detailed reports about the Israeli violations against their rights in prison.

in another context, the Palestinian center for human rights hosted last Saturday a conference on the assassination crimes carried out by Israel and the prosecution of Israeli officials who committed war crimes

According to a statement issued by the Palestinian center and a copy of which was received by the PIC, the conference was part of activities against the death penalty in the occupied Palestinian lands and supported by the European commission and the Oxfam organization. 60 international representatives attended the conference.

The statement underlined that Israel killed from September 2000 until the end of June 2008: 754 Palestinians including 71 children, pointing out that Israel always resorts to using unjustified excessive lethal force against Palestinians instead of arresting them.

It also noted that the center filed in cooperation with partner institutions in Spain a case against seven former Israeli officials who committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip in July 2002.

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper published a videotaped report broadcast by the 10th Israeli TV channel showing Israeli soldiers humiliating a blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian young man, where the soldiers forced him to utter repeatedly insulting words.


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