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Hamas: Settlers attacks, plots to liquidate Palestinian cause bode new intifada

July 2, 2012

Wednesday, December 10. 2008

GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement said on Wednesday that the brutal Israeli settlers’ attacks on the Palestinian people, and the malicious schemes to liquidate the Palestinian issue coupled with the crippling siege on Gaza Strip will lead to a new Palestinian intifada that “would strengthen the torch of resistance in Palestine further”.

These comments were made by MP Dr. Salah Al-Bardaweel, the spokesman of the Movement’s parliamentary bloc in the PLC, in an interview with the PIC where he also stressed, “The atmosphere that our Palestinian people live these days was similar to the conditions that sparked the first Palestinian intifada in 1987 after Israeli settlers’ attacks against our people intensified”.

“It is a fact that the Palestinian intifada [in 1987] erupted in the aftermath of the brutal crimes committed by the extremist Kahana gangs against the Palestinian people in the West Bank under complete protection from the IOF troops, which prompted the Palestinian people to revolt against the occupation and those who collaborated with it”, underlined Bardaweel.

“They (the occupation and its agents) are practicing now the same role against the Palestinian people thinking that they could subjugate them, forgetting, perhaps, that the Palestinian people are hard to be subjugated, and that they would defend their country with all available means”, he added.

“For every action, there will be a reaction, and omens of the current atmosphere tell us that the Palestinian people would apply that rule soon”, he pointed out.

The Israeli occupation army along with the PA security forces of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas had been intensifying their campaign against Hamas and the Palestinian resistance in Palestine with the aim to suppress it, and to pave the way for the Israeli and American agenda to be implemented in the region without objection.

Furthermore, the Hamas official underscored, “Today, there were many schemes aiming at liquidating the Palestinian issue, including the Annapolis conference, the roadmap plan, and the Oslo agreement; but in spite of that, we believe that such atmosphere bodes an overwhelming Palestinian intifada, and we believe that the great Palestinian people wouldn’t accept to be humiliated, and that they are capable of changing the equation in the region, and in achieving victory.”

Moreover, Bardaweel pointed out that his Movement succeeded in upgrading itself on all levels since it was first founded, pointing to the present political, media, and resistance capabilities of the Movement, in addition to the broad popular support it enjoys in the Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim world plus the growing sympathy it was gaining across the world.

“Hamas couldn’t be sidelined from the local, regional, and international equation any more despite the tremendous efforts to destroy and distort it… Hamas now isn’t leading the Palestinian people inside occupied Palestine only, but it started to lead the Arab and Muslim masses as well after the exemplary example it demonstrated in resistance, sacrifice, and adherence to national constants and legal rights”, he highlighted.


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