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Galloway: Oslo did not liberate one inch of the Palestinian lands

July 2, 2012

Saturday, May 17. 2008

AMMAN, (PIC)– British MP George Galloway stated that the Oslo agreement did not liberate one inch of the Palestinian lands, admitting that he had committed mistakes in the past regarding his outlook for the nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

At a symposium on the Nakba of Palestine held in Jordan, MP Galloway held Britain fully responsible for the suffering of the Palestinian people, saying that whatever Britain did, it can never erase the black mark caused by the Balfour declaration, pointing out that the Palestinian people embarrassed the world when they refused to become an extinct people like the red Indians.

Galloway also said that Tony Blair should not forget Balfour when he comes to talk about peace in the region.

Galloway criticized the Israeli siege on Gaza, saying that it was imposed in response to the results of the Palestinian elections which were won by Hamas.

Galloway also expressed his dismay at the starvation of part of the Palestinian people while another Palestinian part is building towers in Dubai, in indication of Mohamed Dahlan who is accused of building towers in the UAE, highlighting at the same time that many Palestinian leaders like Yasser Arafat and Ahmed Yassin dedicated their lives in defence of their land, honor and religion.

Galloway castigated the Arab regimes for staying passive towards the Israeli massacres committed against the Palestinian people, adding that this negligence led to portraying the victims of terrorism as terrorists and the terrorists as victims.


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