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Facts about the Hamas/Israel Truce by Ismail Patel Chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa?

July 2, 2012

Wednesday, January 7. 2009

Facts about the Israel Hamas Truce

By Ismail Patel

19 June 2008

The Egyptian-mediated truce between Hamas that won the election in Feb 06 took effect on 19 June 08. The ceasefire deal stipulates that Hamas, will halt the fire of homemade shells into Israeli territory, in exchange for Israel lifting the 12 month-blockade and ceasing all military attacks against the Gaza Strip. In addition the truce deal includes that Israel and Hamas will start to conduct indirect talks over a prisoners swap deal. Both Hamas and Israel have announced that they agree on the conditions.


July 8: Israeli close down charities and Human Right organisations in Nablus, West Bank

July 27: Israel kills Shihab al-Natsheh, in the West Bank city of al-Khalil.

October 8: Israel prevents Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) from entering the embattled Gaza Strip.

October 26: Israel prevents 100 International academics and Human Right Organisations from entering Gaza.

November 5: Israel attacks areas inside Gaza, killing at least six Palestinians. Ghassan el-Taramse, a nineteen-year-old Palestinian activist, is killed in an Israeli air raid in the northern parts of the coastal sliver.

Israel kills 1 Palestinian in the West Bank.

In retaliation Palestinians fire several dozen rockets and mortar shells at western Negev in Israel in retaliation. No casualties or property damage is caused, but three women are treated for shock.

November 14: Israeli air strikes wounded two people in Gaza. Hamas fires a barrage of homemade rockets at the city of Ashkelon. Four rockets are also fired into western Negev after

November 15: Israeli air strike kills two Palestinians in Gaza.

November 20: An Israeli tank fires shells, killing a Palestinian.

November 28: Israeli forces backed by tanks enter the southern parts of the coastal region and kill two Palestinians.

November 29: Projectiles fired from the Gaza Strip wound eight Israeli soldiers in an army base in the town of Nahal Uz.

December 02: The Israeli army launches air strikes into southern Gaza and kills 2 and wounding 4 others.

December 17: Five Qassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip injure two Israelis in the southern town of Sderot.

December 18: Israel fire rocket and kill 1 Palestinian man.

December 19: The six-month truce officially ends.

December 20: Israeli launches air strikes on the northern Gazan killing one Palestinian and wounding two others.

December 21: Palestinians fire rockets into Sderot and Negev and one Israeli is wounded.

December 22: A twenty-four hour truce is declared between Israel and armed Palestinian factions at the request of Egyptian mediators.

December 23: The twenty-four hour truce expires.

Israeli forces kill 6 Palestinian fighters.

6 Qassam rockets are fired into western Negev. No injury or deaths

December 24: Gaza fighters fire two dozen mortar shells at three different targets inside Israel.

An Israeli air raid kills a Palestinian and wounds two others in southern Gaza.

December 27: Israeli F16 bombers and apache helicopters carry out at least 30 simultaneous raids on various targets across the Gaza strip. The operation kills at least 230 and wounds hundreds of Palestinians.


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