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Exposer: Shoes Are Dangerous

July 2, 2012

Tuesday, December 23. 2008
You know it’s just so stupid how some Islamophobic media such as Fox News have reacted to the Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at George Bush. He threw a shoe at him for goodness sake, not the weapons of mass destruction! And suddenly the neurotics have sprung up with things, ‘mayday! Mayday! Danger from the Muslim world! al-Qaeida, they are coming wielding their shoes especially the ones with the dangerous spiky heals! Eek help!

Talk about a gross over reaction! And then they claim it was ‘violence’….good grief! A shoe is ‘violent’ yet invading someone’s land is not? And then fox news goes onto discuss if torture was the right way to deal with ‘danger from the Muslim world’. Nice to know your mentality…so shoes are dangerous and shoe throwers should be tortured. Wow. Is that how you deal with freedom of expression.

Phil Woolas, Minister of State for borders and immigration, got pied in the face about two months ago by students at the University of Manchester as many would say he deserved. What is the difference between throwing a pie or throwing a shoe may I ask? Both of them represent an insult and an insult well deserved. I didn’t see any students being carted off to jail and indeed I agree it would have been ridiculous to do so. But maybe it’s just a different story when Muslims do it?

Don’t Islamophobes and Islamophobic media insult Islam on a daily basis and claim their freedom of expression, their freedom of speech? Well the Iraqi journalist was exercising his freedom of expression and his freedom of speech. So, why do you have a problem with it now? Why are you all squirmy and shifty? Is it because you don’t like your own rules when they come back to you? Well maybe you should think twice about applying them then and try not to cover them up in double standards because frankly it doesn’t work. The fact that the journalist was jailed just goes to show how the Islamophobes don’t like their own rules being applied to them. Always double standards.

And then the Islamophobes have the nerve to tell us that how could the Iraqi journalist insult Bush after everything Bush has done for Iraq…what has Bush and his government done for Iraq exactly aside from occupying and wrecking the lands. They never even got rid of the weapons of mass destruction….oh wait I forgot….because there weren’t any! Don’t talk to me about American sacrifices for Iraq when all that was sacrificed was Iraq. Don’t tell me America is freeing the Iraqi’s when it’s occupied and not free. And don’t tell me the US occupation of Iraqi land is any better than Saddam’s regime and all that crap about helping the poor Iraqi’s and installing a democracy. We all know why America invaded Iraq and Saddam was just a scapegoat and for all of America’s so called ‘noble’ reasons they never managed to install anything or leave anything behind them except fear, hate, dead bodies, destroyed homes and a wrecked country. What would anyone do if such a mess had been made of their country? Put yourself in the shoes (pun intended) of the Iraqi’s and then tell me whether you would not have thrown a shoe at the perpetrator of your misery…you probably would have done much worse! So, it’s alright sitting there on your high thrones, in your cosy little houses, away from a war zone and look disapprovingly at someone for throwing his shoes. Maybe if your throne was wrecked you would come down to reality pretty quickly (no that’s not a threat, as some idiots would take delight in pointing out it was, it’s a statement for contemplation).

In case anyone missed the point let me summarise it for you:

American government invades Iraq to ‘look for the weapons of mass destruction’. (lie)
Weapons of mass destruction are not found (of course not: there weren’t any)
American government claims they are in actual fact ‘freeing’ the Iraqi people (while occupying their lands)
Iraq is in a state of occupation and misery, a war zone, with thousands of casualties and losses.
An Iraqi throws a shoe at the perpetrator of their misery (Freedom of well deserved expression)
Islamophobes at Fox news claims all Muslims are violent and ungrateful (note after Iraq is wrecked we are supposed to be grateful)
Islamophobes talk about American sacrifice (yeah America just sacrificed Iraq)
The ‘shoe terrorist’ is beaten badly and thrown into jail and discussions arise about whether they can ‘deal with’ Muslims by torturing them (the so called freedom of expression)

This is Exposer signing off, always Exposing the double standards and lies out there.


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