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ACTION ALERT: Contact Channel 4 regarding ‘Unseen Gaza’?

July 2, 2012

Friday, January 23. 2009
ACTION ALERT: Contact Channel 4 regarding ‘Unseen Gaza’

On Thursday 22 January at 11.05pm, Channel 4 aired a special Despatches programme titled ‘Unseen Gaza’. This documentary shows previously unseen footage from Israel’s devastating assault on Gaza, and provides the background information to the war which Israel tried very hard to keep from the world. Israel’s deceptions and deplorable strategies were also revealed.

For those who missed it, the programme can be viewed online for the next 30 days here.

We encourage you all to contact Channel 4 with thanks and positive feedback for the programme and encourage them to air it again at peak time. The feedback form can be found here.

Suggested response

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for showing the programme “Unseen Gaza”.

We now know what Israel tried to hide from us:

1. It was not Hamas that violated the initial ceasefire but Israel, who in November 2008 bombed the Gaza strip killing 6 people.(Ref: Haaretz, Guardian, Independent & CNN News)
2. Israel had clearly pre-planned these attacks and the invasion of Gaza long ago, and deliberately caged and starved the people for the 18 months leading up to it. The “rockets” were an excuse. (CH4)
3. Israel pre-planned its PR campaign and produced “information packs” in order to successfully manipulate, restrict and use the international media to peddle its message. (CH4)

Well done Channel 4. I hope you have the courage to re-run this important programme at a peak audience time so that more people can see it.

I hope you always retain your objectivity and independence.

Thank you.


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