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60 Years of Catastrophe

July 2, 2012

Friday, May 16. 2008

60 Years of Catastrophe
15 May 1948 – 15 May 2008

The Palestinian Nakba continues…

Today marks 60 years since the state of Israel was formed following the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians from their historic homeland. The Palestinians now form the world’s largest refugee population, numbering over 4 million people.

The misery of Palestinians has persisted during this time, and Israeli occupation policies have ensured that basic human rights are denied while economic prosperity has become an apparition.

Israel has expanded its borders since 1967 and has stolen yet more Palestinian land in order to build illegal Jewish settlements. It has also erased a great deal of Palestinian history from the land in the process.

At the same time, the military occupation has created intolerable suffering, making it impossible for Palestinians to live in safety and security. Thousands of Palestinians have been killed and continue to be killed by the Israeli occupation forces whose disproportionate use of violence is well documented by human rights organising worldwide.

Israel has committed numerous war crimes against the Palestinian civilian population, and continues to do so, on an almost daily basis. The closure of Gaza is Collective Punishments and is creating a humanitarian catastrophe, with 1.4 million people being kept in what is increasingly becoming a death camp; with no fuel, electricity, public services, vital medicines or basic food stuffs.

Despite this, Israel unashamedly celebrates its 60th anniversary, and our government bestows its congratulations. It is time to take action. Lobby your MP and ask them to bring the issue up in Parliament. Contact your MP here.

Write to the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary to make your voice heard.


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