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Watch an Israeli Extremist in Action

July 1, 2012

Friday, July 7. 2006

Melanie Phillips, Islamophobic Media Personality of the Year 2003 (also nominee for Islamophobe of the year 2004 – loosing out to George Bush), recently appeared on BBC’s Question Time. You can view the debate online by clicking here and watch this pro Israeli, Muslim hater in action, encouragingly she is roundly denounced by nearly everyone on the panel and in the audience with the exception of dear old Dimbleby who was perhaps unable to as he was hosting the debate. Melanie and her gang who seem to be egging Muslims and Non-Muslims into a “clash of civilisations” are few and far apart. Thank goodness.

Just for your entertainment, here are a selection of quotes and highlights from the show. Judge for yourself and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

6 minutes: Upon being challenged about the xenophobic portrayal of Assylum Seekers and Immigrants in her newspaper the daily mail, by an immigrant, she replied:

“I am not here to defend my newspaper, but i don’t think it is xenophobic…i do think you have to be quite careful in spraying around insults like this which are designed to shut downlegitimate necessary debate like this.” – Its a shame she doesn’t think the same about discussions on Israeli brutality, calling anybody who does so an anti-semite.

37 minutes: Melanie goes into a anti-Palestinian vitriol, implicitly supporting every action by the Israeli government on civilian targets and then giving the rather ridiculous analogy that if Perth was to be attacked by Norway what would Perth do? Once again the slapping down shereceived from the audience and other panelists is hilarious, reflected by her very uncomfortable posturing and note taking. She exposes her lack of British sentiment, as a panelist reminds her that during IRA terror, the British did not go in and carpet bomb Ireland.

However this quotes exposed her real agenda:

“The Palestinian people voted for Hamas, now one can say that they voted for Hamas because it was going to get rid of the corruption of Fatah, but never the less they voted for an organisation which is committed to, I’m afraid, a genocidal project, now you can’t say that the people [of Palestine] are simply not in any sense responsible”

So if they are responsible should the entire Palestinian people be punished?

Once again, the only relief here is that, as Mike O’Brian says, her hard line is shared by only a minority of people!


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