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Muslim World takes action to help Palestinian people

July 1, 2012

Friday, February 24. 2006

The Muslim World is trying to overcome the
potential problems expected to be caused by the economic sanctions
imposed on Palestine by Israel and certain Western countries because of
HAMAS’ (Islamic Resistance Movement) rise to power.

The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) announced their plans to
make institutional and financial donations to the Palestinian Authority
led by HAMAS.

OIC Term President Malaysia’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said
Monday that he met with various OIC leaders over the issue of sending
aid to the Palestinians. Arab countries foreign ministers gathered in
Algeria yesterday and discussed plans to send $50 million monthly to
the Palestinian Administration.

Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei meeting HAMAS political
leader Khaled Mashaal in Tehran yesterday called on all Muslims to make
financial donations for the Palestinians.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offered financial support to
Hamas. “Palestinians shouldn’t worry about being in dire financial
straits because God’s ways are infinite and his coffers never empty,”
the president told a gathering.

“At such a crucial time, when Israel’s existence is seriously
questioned, strengthening ties of brotherhood with the Palestinians is
in order for all Muslim populations,” said Ahmadinejad.

The president also called on Hamas to continue “the fight for the
entire Palestininian territory” and “to exploit all occasions to fight
the occupying enemy from territories belonging to the people of God.”

The Muslim Brothers organisation in Egypt announced the launch of a worldwide relief drive for the HAMAS administration.

Badawi said in a statement, it is ironic that the United States first
pushed for democracy and then started to look for excuses not to
recognize the election results and to stop the flow of money to the new
government led by HAMAS.

The Malaysian PM saying this will only worsen the situation asked, “Why
do they resort to a policy that will result in no good?”

The demands of the Palestinian people must be recognized and they must
be given a chance to live in peace, Badawi added. He believes the
Islamic Resistance Movement will establish a government that can bear
the responsibility.

Badawi revealed that he wrote letters to HAMAS leaders and asked them
to take advantage of the situation, and to follow and remain loyal to
the peace process.
According to the Malaysian prime minister, a clash could happen only if
HAMAS is provoked. “You know how they will fight. There will be no end
to this.” Badawi said, but, gave no details about the OIC’s plan for
‘Sanctions do have an alternative’

Ismail Haniya, the official prime minister announced by HAMAS on Sunday
said- If Western countries cut their aid, Arab and Muslim countries
will provide funds. “There are Arab and Muslim countries and other
members of the international community ready to help the Palestinian


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