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Britain Must Condemn Israel for Jericho Prison Raid

July 1, 2012

Friday, March 17. 2006
Britain Must Condemn Israel for Jericho Prison Raid

The Foreign Offices decision to withdraw British observers from the Jericho Prison on March 14th without prior arrangements gave Israel the opportunity to demolish parts of the prison and effectively kidnap some Palestinians within.

The strong Palestinian response to this was only expected, as Britain (and the US) were seen to be colluding with Israel by violating the Ramallah Agreement.

The Israeli army’s attack and the Israeli record of prisoner torture raise fears for the safety of the Palestinian prisoners. The extreme nature of the siege on the prison was once again a show of disproportionate mite against unarmed Palestinians by Israel, and in line with its policy of ignoring most international laws and customs.

The undersigned organisations all call upon the Foreign Office to unequivocally condemn Israel’s actions in Jericho Prison, and demand that the Palestinian prisoners be handed back over to the Palestinian Authority to be tried or released.

For further comments or interviews, please contact:

Betty Hunter: 07763384841

Zaher Birawi: 07747446001

Signed by:

  • Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB)
  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)
  • Palestinian Return Centre (PRC)
  • Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK,
  • Friends of Al-Aqsa
  • British Muslim Initiative (BMI).

British Government has to honour its responsibility towards Palestinian Prisoners

Palestinian Community in Britain and Campaigners for Palestinian Rights
Demand Answers from the British Government

Following the illegal actions of Israel in the storming of the Jericho prison and the kidnap of the Palestinian nationalist leader Mr.Ahmad Sadat and others on Tuesday 14 March, a number of civil society bodies concerned with Palestinian rights will host a press conference to demand an explanation from the British government and action against the Israeli aggression.

The press conference will be on Friday 17th of March at 12.00 am in Room C, 1 Parliament Street .

Attending the press conference will be the Palestinian delegate to the UK, Dr. Manuel Hassassian and representatives of the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) , the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) , the Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK, Friends of Al-Aqsa and British Muslim Initiative (BMI).

We will press the British government to honour its legal and moral responsibility to ensure that Israel releases Mr. Sadat and his colleagues as well as the 9,000 other Palestinians detainees held in Israeli jails.

The press conference will be followed by a public picket in Parliament Square at 5:30pm on Friday 17 March.

Friends of Al Aqsa is a voluntary organisation concerned with the defence of
Al Aqsa Haram Sharif and the protection of Palestinian Human Rights.
P.O. Box 5127, Leicester. LE2 0WU. England.
Tel 077 11 823 524
Fax ++ 44 [116] 253 7575


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