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Bridges, not Walls

July 1, 2012

Friday, April 14. 2006

Hamas were sworn in this week and, somewhat unsurprisingly, the US cut all ties with the democratically elected government. Yet again, we see a case where double standards and the repugnant scent of hypocrisy, sabotages work to promote peace in the most troubled region in the world.

Hamas, elected to lead and represent their country, are rejected by the international community when they are in the most need of support.

The new government had tax collections, which rightfully is theirs, withheld by Israel, kicking the country while they were already down. An EU rescue package followed but with strict conditions imposed limiting Hamas’ ability to best direct resources.

Even Tony Blair said Britain would cut its £156million aid if Hamas failed to recognize Europe.

They justify their actions as diverting funds away from the root of the Middle East problem. But do they not realise that they are the problem for the Middle East.

The Europeans and Americans have long been recognized as the root of the problems in Palestine and the region today. Their actions, complemented by the hate and anger displayed by revenge-seeking-Muslims, has been the main colours in the Middle East picture.

What this region needs is bridges, not walls. The people have spoken and the Palestinian people feel that Hamas is best equipped to lead the country to peace and success, Israelis the same with Kadima. But building walls and stopping communication will just lead to more hate and anger between these two long standing rivals. Surely by encouraging discussion and promoting the understanding between the two will be the only way to gain that elusive and now somewhat distant, peace.


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