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Alert: BBC’s Panorama and John Ware to attack Muslims

July 1, 2012

Monday, May 8. 2006
As most of you will be aware, Israel and its Zionist agenda, have been waging a real war against the Palestinian people. Not satisfied with this, over the last few years we have also witnessed a strengthening media war, where lets face it, Muslims have been resounding losers.

In another twist to this Islamophobic campaign, we have come to hear that, pro Israeli BBC journalist and researcher, John Ware (with picture), is planning yet another vicious sting against the Ummah. Who is his target and what can you do about it? Read on…

Zionists and Interpal

John Ware, known to Muslims for smearing the MCB and the Islamic Foundation, has now set his eyes on Interpal. Interpal is a charity that provides humanitarian relief to Palestine. Previous attacks against Interpal include:

  • Two cowardly, anonymous reports to the Charity Commision for funding terrorism. Twice investigated and twice cleared.
  • Jewish Board of Deputies labels them as Terrorists. Interpal took JBoD to court and won a libel case.

Despite these two attacks, the Zioinist lobby has now turned to its faithful guard dog, the BBC, and has asked them to spread the lie they were unable to.


Our sources in the BBC tell us that John Ware, under the Panorama wing, is snooping around and has been approaching individuals and groups, asking them for interviews and any dirt on Interpal. If Ware’s last documentary on Muslims is anything to go by, there is no question that he intends to portray the whole lot of us as a bunch of terrorist-supporting, fanatical threat to British society.

Why should you do anything?

Considering the BBC is funded by your license fee, the least ANYONE (Muslim or not) can expect is that their work be impartial and fair. How is this fairness to be expected from a person who has previously made capital from a documentary with little substance and a lot of scary music! Furthermore considering they are a British Broadcasting Corporation, why are they abusing their mandate by supporting the causes of Tel-Aviv?

The fact is that if you don’t do anything today, tomorrow they will be attacking you for sending money to Malaysia for the Tsunami disaster. Then they will attack you for sending money to Pakistan for the Earth Quake Appeal. This is not just about the Palestinians, this is about Muslims, this is about the Ummah

“The Muslims (the Ummah) are like the limbs of a man, where if the eye hurts the whole body feels pain and if the head hurts, the whole body feels pain and suffering.”

Will it work?

The BBC and Panorama are under a lot of pressure these days, as people have caught on to their support for Israel. Numerous studies have shown that they are biased towards Israel and other studies are being conducted. Your email will be more pressure. The truth is that in today’s world of records and red tape, every email, letter or phone call, is one more complaint against the BBC’s pro Israeli stance.

Furthermore, after our conversation with Asad Ahmed at the last MPACUK open day, he tells us that once the BBC recieve more than 50 complaints on any one issue, an investigation has to be launched.

What you can do?

All you have to do is send a quick email to the BBC. No more than a paragraph, and to make it even easier there are bullet points below summarising the points against this documentary. Read through them and the contact details follow.

* Demand that Panorama team reconsider their choice of journalist for a documentary on Interpal and that the programme show the true work of Interpal in Palestine and the suffering and oppression of the Palestinian people.

  • Surely a journalist such as John Ware, who is notorious as a pro-Israeli Islamophobe, cannot be expected to cover this subject with the “accuracy and impartiality” to which the BBC are bound by the Royal Charter, or to fulfill the BBC’s commitment to contribute to “a more inclusive society” (BBC: Building Public Value document).
  • Allowing Ware to abuse his position in the BBC to pursue an Islamophobic witch-hunt at the license-fee payer’s expense will destroy Panorama’s credibility and good name and shatter Muslim confidence in the BBC.

Here is a summary of John Ware’s Islamophobia:

  • John Ware’s documentary on another Muslim pro-Palestinian organisation the Muslim Council of Britain was widely condemned for John Ware’s Islamophobic, pro-Israel bias and received over 600 complaints.
  • John Ware’s bias is evidenced by the great praise heaped upon him from individuals and groups renowned for their pro-Israeli, Islamophobic positions, such as Daniel Pipes and Harry’s Place.
  • Ware allegedly openly stated to a Muslim group that this is the start of ‘a new cold war.’

To complain over the web click here, you can also send your message to us and also cc If you prefer you can make a verbal complaint by calling them on 08700 100222. Remember to be polite yet firm.

Want to do more?

  • It is also embarrassing for us to once again highlight that our ISOCs and Mosques have failed to capitalise on this alert. We would very much urge you to print out this alert and display this in your Mosques and ISOC communal areas.
  • The BBC are under charter from the government. Thus also contact your MP objecting to the BBC’s choice of presenter for this Panorama edition. You can contact your MP using this fabulous free tool!

All done? Not half…

Here at MPACUK, we will not tolerate any Muslim group to be targeted by those within influential positions to smear their credibility and work – first the MCB and now Interpal! And this goes whether we disagree with their stance or not. If these subtle smear campaigns continue unchallenged, slowly all groups and individuals who defend the oppressed people will be politically silenced.


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